John&Sons. Barber Shop


1.) The honor system is out the window...take a number. But don’t leave or you’ll lose you’re place in the deli line.

2.) Selling numbers is okay, as long as you take the place of the buyer and don’t mind waiting another hour.

3.) If your waiting for John, Don’t bother taking a’re  probably next.

4.) If your waiting for Darren, he’ll be in when he gets around to it.

5.) If your waiting for Corey, take your chances...he’s new.

6.) No matter how many people in here, your guaranteed to be late wherever you are going next.

7.) Don’t park in the handicap spot, unless you’re really handicap, then it’s ok.

8.) Hey, the shop closes at 6 o’clock SHARP! Got it?

9.) We root for two teams: the Red Sox and whoever beats the Yankees...AND NO YANKEES PARAPHERNALIA!

10.) Any questions refer them to John...but speak up cause his hearing is starting to go.


John & Sons

Rules and Regulations

John & Sons hours of operation:

Tues - Fri:

7:00 am - 6:00 pm


6:00 am - 4:00 pm

Logos By Darren





*Closed on Mondays

John Featured In  Red Sox Rivalry Commercial On NESN